Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery is a fee-for-service, contract research organization focused on computer and structure-based ligand discovery. We typically work with biotech and small to mid-range pharma who do not have sufficient computational specialists on staff to undertake virtual screens and inhibitor design completely on their own. We do not retain any intellectual property in the projects that we undertake.

Here is how we work with clients:

  • We do not retain any intellectual property
  • We begin with a preliminary consulation to understand the project - we will only undertake collaborations where we think we can contribute.
    • For instance, in virtual screening applications we only begin the collaboration if the target is dockable.
  • We perform an initial screen, and provide a preliminary report, including:
    • Raw screening output
    • Hand-picked compounds we like, and other analysis
  • The client purchases and tests compounds
  • A final screen is performed based on the results of initial tests.

Here is what we need to start a project:

  • A model of the target, preferably based on crystallography or NMR, though we have also worked with homology models.
  • If possible, control information in the form of known actives and inactives
  • A robust assay (to be run by the client)
  • Willingness to acquire and test compounds